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We are always around our smartphones out a recent survey say that we spend 70% of our time on mobile phone for chatting, calling, social networking, browsing etc.
asked 4 hours ago in Lifestyle Jaimalviya 213 points 1 view
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Google provides lots of free app which we use in our daily life frequently even a iphone user use many google app so which app do you use and what you like the most about that app
asked 1 day ago in Software admin 154 points 14 views
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It is just reversing an array. int[] alph = new int[10]; int[] delt = new int[10]; Both the arrays have a size of 10. First loop:Stores 10 values from the user. These are the some random 10 numbers given by the user. alph[0]=12; alph[1]=25; alph[2]=34; alph[3]=47; alph[4]=55; alph[5]= ... delt[0]=alph[9-0]=10; delt[1]=alph[9-1]=9; . . . delt[9]=alph[9-9]=12; INPUT:12,25,34, .10 OUTPUT:10,9,87, 12
asked 2 days ago in Business admin 154 points 13 views
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In india lots of payment mode are available and some new are coming soon which one you use comment and vote
asked 2 days ago in Lifestyle admin 154 points 5 views
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Now a day we have lots of options to learn in coding and i help me to select the best language to easy to larnl and for live environment.
answered 2 days ago in Core IT Skills Sunil 10 views
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Sometimes, it’s difficult to describe your opinions on something without getting lost in an explanation.
asked 2 days ago in Business admin 154 points 4 views
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answered 3 days ago in Computer admin 154 points 5 views
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Can any one help me how can i create search engine like google when user search in my webiste
answered 6 days ago in E-Commerce Jaimalviya 213 points 6 views
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Who is having more comfort in his/her life share your views.
asked Jun 4 in Lifestyle admin 154 points 16 views
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I applied for google adsense but my application rejected by there so many type of terms and conditions is there alternative of google adsense.
answered Jun 4 in E-Commerce admin 154 points 24 views
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#include class A { public: A() {} ~A() { throw 42; } }; int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) { try { A a; throw 32; } catch(int a) { std::cout
answered Jun 4 in Core IT Skills Jaimalviya 213 points 40 views
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<?php class dragonBall{ private $ballCount; public function __construct(){ $this->ballCount=0; } public function iFoundaBall(){ $this->ballCount++; if($this->ballCount===7){ echo "You can ask for your wish."; $this->ballCount=0; } } } ?>
asked May 25 in Software Development admin 154 points 19 views
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Now a days there are so many online video streaming apps and web sites are available which one do you prefer. Mention which one do you use comment down if your choice is not in the options.
asked May 24 in Entertainment anonymous 23 views
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There are lots of search engine on internet but according to region they give us different search result. Which one do you like most
asked May 24 in Social Media Marketing anonymous 17 views
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asked May 24 in Lifestyle anonymous 16 views
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> My Stories that store sole of life
answered May 23 in Bloging admin 154 points 32 views
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Is there any online toll where i ca find the my website speed and how it work in heavy traffic.
asked May 23 in SEO admin 154 points 15 views
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I live my website few days ago and i didn't share it's link to any one but so many user are signup in my website from other countries that i don't want how can i do that. If i am blocking the all the geo location that some of the feature of google and other site i can not use like google analytics and page speed.
asked May 23 in Security admin 154 points 20 views
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